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ISEMOA Good Practice Fact Sheet

Title in original language Bezpečná komunita Kroměříž
Title in English Safe community Kroměříž
Location Kroměříž, Czech Republic
Year 2000 - 2015
Initiator City of Kroměříž
Developed by
(one pick only)
  • Administration / Political actor
Implementation Area
  • City
  • Urban
Supported accessibility level
  • Macro accessibility
  • Meso accessibility
  • Micro accessibility
Elements of the working process - Preconditions
  • Legal / Administrative context
  • Current state
Elements of the working process - Policy
  • Policy on paper
Elements of the working process - Strategy
  • Programme / Plan
  • Budget
Elements of the working process - Implementation
  • Supportive measures
  • Accessibility measures and accessibility planning
Elements of the working process - Monitoring and Evaluation
  • User / society results
  • Stakeholder feedback
  • Management review
Type of PRM Affected
  • Motor impaired
Application Field / Target area - Public Transport - City Bus
  • Stops / stations
  • Information
Application Field / Target area - Public Transport - Regional Bus
  • Stops / stations
Application Field / Target area - Public Space - Pedestrian / wheelchair
  • Quality
  • Information
Application Field / Target area - Public Space - Cycling
  • Availability
  • Quality
  • Information
Application Field / Target area - Public Space - Road Design
  • Freedom of barriers
  • Information
Application Field / Target area - Public Space - Land-use planning
  • Information
Why is it a good practice example? Kroměříž became a member of the international community of Safety communities as the first Czech city thanks to this project. It is a comprehensive project focused on increasing safety including transport safety. It combines different areas of life of the three main focus groups (children, seniors, cyclists).
Background and Objectives / Aims The aims of the project are:
- to decrease the number and seriousness of injuries;
- to increase knowledge about injuries;
- to increase competences of the target groups (children, cyclists and seniors) to prevent injuries;
- to prevent children injuries;
- cooperation of different stakeholders at community, national and international level

These aims are achieved by influencing the public.
Implementation (incl. obstacles, public participation) The whole project is coordinated by the vice-mayor of the city and a project coordinator together with a Project advisory committee. A range of institutions, including schools, the Police of the Czech Republic, and the Czech Red Cross, contribute to the project. The project representatives communicate also with different institutions at the national and international level (Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic, Centre of injuries prevention in Prague, Safe Communities of WHO).

Within the projects, different measures are implemented, including those focused on bettering the quality of accessibility and increase in safety (e.g. infrastructure improvements like removing barriers out of pavements, better lightening of pedestrian crossings, traffic calming, cycling infrastructure improvement).

An important part of the project is collecting data on number of injuries (distinguishing various kinds of injuries, sex and age of the injured persons).

A safety campaign informs about various safety aspects. For this purpose, first, leaflets and other publications were created and distributed in local media and at medical institutions. Second, there occurred various activities at schools (competitions, discussions, etc). Third, specialists communicate with producers of children and sport clothes how to produce reflecting materials.
  • In local currency: 3.000l000
  • Local currency name: CZK
  • In Euro [EUR]: 120l000
Conclusions (incl. output, analysis of benefits) Kroměříž supports measures to increase security and road safety and prevent accidents. The city provided a plan of activities that guarantee a systematic approach. The city of Kroměříž encourages many target groups to join the effort of the city.

Concrete measures are going out from the analysis of accidents. The city is organizing campaigns, seminars, conferences and first aid courses. Some activities are focused especially on 1. children and their education (e.g. International Safe School, but also Programme Safe Community, amendment of the street environment, removal of the barriers), and on 2. senior citizen (leaflet safe home, distress signal, consulting of the problems etc).

Campaigns of the city mean also a challenge for the private companies, that they should start with prevention of injuries and also join activities of the city. Impacts of the project on community safety are substantial. For example, the number of injuries during traffic accidents fell down by 50%: from 301 (in 2001) to 150 in 2008. The budget is calculated especially for acquisition of statistic data, for information and advertising materials and for the activities of the whole city. Some activities were provided by the city partners (around 20 partners) who secure also financing.
Source / Link http://www.mesto-kromeriz.cz/stranka.asp?kod=
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