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ISEMOA Good Practice Fact Sheet

Title in original language Český Krumlov: Den s hendikepem - Den bez bariér
Title in English Cesky Krumlov: Day with handicap - Day without Barriers
Location Český Krumlov, Czech Republic
Year 2004
Initiator Kiwanis Club Cesky Krumlov
Developed by
(one pick only)
  • Organization
Implementation Area
  • City
  • Urban
Supported accessibility level
  • Macro accessibility
  • Meso accessibility
  • Micro accessibility
Elements of the working process - Preconditions
  • User needs
  • Current state
Elements of the working process - Policy
  • Leadership
Elements of the working process - Strategy
  • People
Elements of the working process - Implementation
  • Supportive measures
  • Accessibility measures and accessibility planning
Elements of the working process - Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Stakeholder feedback
  • Management review
Type of PRM Affected
  • Visual impaired
  • Motor impaired
  • Hearing impaired
  • Cognitive / Learning impaired
Application Field / Target area - Public Transport - City Bus
  • Information
Application Field / Target area - Public Transport - Regional Bus
  • Information
Application Field / Target area - Public Space - Pedestrian / wheelchair
  • Quality
  • Information
Application Field / Target area - Public Space - Road Design
  • Freedom of barriers
  • Quality
  • Information
Why is it a good practice example? Places of interest and other important places in the historical city of Cesky Krumlov are opened to all PRM during one day every year. A special guide book for the handicapped was prepared and special events arranged. In spite of the fact there are special events for PRM are organised on one day a year only, the information is available throughout the whole year.
Background and Objectives / Aims The aim is to make important places accessible to all people with disabilities.
Implementation (incl. obstacles, public participation) During the Day Without Barriers a group of volunteers takes care of registered participants. Information about barrier-free possibilities to enter various public places and places of interest are distributed to the participants and available on-line. Guided tours for handicapped visitors and their escorts are for free. Special guided tours are offered also to visually impaired persons. There is also a traditional market with handicrafts at the main place. Handicapped participants have special reserved car parks.
  • In local currency: 200.000
  • Local currency name: CZK
  • In Euro [EUR]: 8.000
Conclusions (incl. output, analysis of benefits) Kiwanis klub Krumlov started to organise the Day Without Barriers 7 years ago. On this day they invite people with different types of disability to take part in a rich program in the city; in 2010 the programme offered guided tours, visits of the castle and museums, famous baroque theatre, sightseeing from the rafts on river, many accompanying actions like concerts, street art and other cultural events.

In the budget, the costs of some expensive beneficial concerts are not included, a lot of work is provided by volunteering. Many partners of the action (State castle, parking place, museum etc) provide their services free of charge or for a reduced fee.

This action enables people with disabilities to enjoy the places that are usually difficult to access, provides the possibility for different groups of people to meet and make better access to the historic places.
Source / Link http://www.ckrumlov.info/docs/cz/atr366.xml
Castle-sightseeing (68 KB)

Enjoing city (122 KB)

Guided tour (97 KB)