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ISEMOA Good Practice Fact Sheet

Title in original language Mobilita pro každého
Title in English Mobility for all
Location Rožďalovice, Czech Republic
Year 2004
Initiator Local administration
Developed by
(one pick only)
  • Administration / Political actor
Implementation Area
  • Municipality
  • Rural
Supported accessibility level
  • Meso accessibility
  • Micro accessibility
Elements of the working process - Preconditions
  • User needs
  • Current state
Elements of the working process - Policy
  • Leadership
Elements of the working process - Strategy
  • Budget
Type of PRM Affected
  • Motor impaired
Application Field / Target area - Public Space - Pedestrian / wheelchair
  • Availability
  • Quality
Application Field / Target area - Public Space - Road Design
  • Freedom of barriers
  • Quality
Why is it a good practice example? Reconstruction of a pathway to improve access for the elderly to reach the central part of the village of Rozdalovice.
Background and Objectives / Aims Residents of retirement homes, especially wheelchair users, were not able to reach the centre of the village where all the offices, shops, doctors and other important facilities are located. The only connection between the residential part and central part of the village was a busy road without a side walk or an unpaved pathway with a rough, uneven surface.
Implementation (incl. obstacles, public participation) The new sidewalk was constructed (200m) and part of an old pathway was reconstructed (50m). A set of stairs was supplemented with a wheelchair-lift.
  • In local currency: 3.365.000
  • Local currency name: CZK
  • In Euro [EUR]: 134.000
Conclusions (incl. output, analysis of benefits) Accessibility and road safety of Rozdalovice increased, especially for PRM.
Source / Link information on web pages in Czech http://www.nadacepartnerstvi.cz/doprava/rozdalovice
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