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ISEMOA Good Practice Fact Sheet

Title in original language Личен асистент в Пловдив
Title in English Personal assistance in Plovdiv
Location Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Year 2006
Initiator Local authorities
Developed by
(one pick only)
  • Administration / Political actor
Implementation Area
  • Municipality
  • City
  • Urban
Supported accessibility level
  • Macro accessibility
  • Micro accessibility
Elements of the working process - Preconditions
  • User needs
  • Legal / Administrative context
  • Current state
Elements of the working process - Policy
  • Leadership
Elements of the working process - Strategy
  • Programme / Plan
  • People
  • Budget
Elements of the working process - Implementation
  • Supportive measures
Elements of the working process - Monitoring and Evaluation
  • User / society results
  • Management review
Type of PRM Affected
  • Visual impaired
  • Motor impaired
  • Hearing impaired
  • Cognitive / Learning impaired
Application Field / Target area - Public Transport - City Bus
  • Service
Application Field / Target area - Public Transport - Regional Bus
  • Service
Application Field / Target area - Public Transport - Local Train
  • Service
Application Field / Target area - Public Space - Pedestrian / wheelchair
  • Availability
Why is it a good practice example? The social service “Personal assistant” is aimed at people with reduced mobility over 90% and over 90% of lost labour abilities and for kids with over 50% reduced possibility for social adaptation.

It is a municipal initiative that helps people and families of PRM get adequate help from an appointed assistant in order to lead a life with less obstacles.
Background and Objectives / Aims The city of Plovdiv has started this initiative to reduce the stress and hardship of families of PRMs and PRMs themselves. All the services are carried out through municipal supervision.
Implementation (incl. obstacles, public participation) The local service is available to any PRM that presents the necessary documents. It is an easy process, with reduced paper work. The PRM receives a response within 14 days time. The service itself is free of any charge.
Conclusions (incl. output, analysis of benefits) The local municipal initiative 'Personal assistant' in the city of Plovdiv is freely accessible by any type of PRM. The process for applying has improved significantly in terms of documents submitted. More and more PRMs use this free-of-charge service to improve their social life and social inclusion status. The life of the PRMs outside their homes is dependant on the transport and mobility options provided by the municipality and the personal assistance offered. These were the main points that the Municipality of Plovdiv addressed by implementing the service.
Source / Link http://www.plovdiv.bg/
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