City of Holice (Czech Republic)

General informationPhoto: Robert Sedlák, Partnerství o.p.s.

The small town of Holice, is situated in the Czech Republic in the East Bohemia, 20 km far from the main regional city Pardubice, as well as from other large cities (Hradec Králové, Chrudim, Vysoké Mýto). Holice is situated in  foothills of the Orlicke mountains. It occupies an area of 1969 ha. The average altitude is 245 m.

Holice has 6250 inhabitants, 3837 within working ages and the average age is 38. It has a population density of 80,2 people/km2

Holice is situated about 20 km from the main regional city (Pardubice)

In Holice there is a higher number (compared to the regional average) of people employed in agriculture and a lower number of workers in the service industry.

The region is agro-industrial, the major industries are machinery and the electro-technical industry.


Actual state of accessibility-workPhoto: Lumír Mlčák, Partnerství o.p.s.

There is a department for development and maintenance of roads working in the town hall, also a department of construction and environment, and technical service of Holice. All three departments are responsible for the accessibility of public spaces. There is no public transport operating within the town, only regional buses have a stop here and there is also a railway station which is not accessible at all.


ISEMOA implementation

The local authorities in Holice have begun work on improving accessibility of public spaces. They would like to redesign the town to become more people-friendly. The mayor and vice-mayor of Holice participated in the ISEMOA team as well as people from the three departments responsible for accessibility, senior citizens, representatives of parents with small children (parents’ club), a representative of PRM, and a representative of the police – transport department.


Quotes of local stakeholders

“It is nice to see that the town wants to start to work on accessibility– just needed a primary impulse.” (Representative of the parents' club)

“The ISEMOA project brings at least a basic introduction into the field of accessibility.” (Representative of the department for construction and environment)

“The list of suggestions from external auditors and good practice examples database are very helpful. I believe that it is possible to find good solutions. Now the town has to get the initiative and invite other organisations to participate.” (Vicemayor of Holice)

“I think that without the pressure from the public and without any budget the plan will stay only on paper.” (Representative of seniors)

“The best way to motivate the authorities to do something is to ask them directly. Politicians also prefer this way because then they can say: you see, we do everything that people want. The problem is that if people don’t ask, the politicians don’t do anything.” (Representative of the police)