City of Parma (Italy)

General information

Parma is located in northern Italy, in the western part of the Emilia Romagna region, between the Apenines and the Po Valley. Parma is after Bologna the second largest city in the region by population.

Culinary tradition, already deeply rooted in the culture of Emilia, has born a modern food industry and the economy of Parma is based on both agriculture and industry.

Parma is the national leader in the production of equipment for the industrial processing of agricultural products: equipment for the canning industry, milk processing plants, plants for slaughter.



Actual state of accessibility-work

Accessibility work is a high priority for the local administration which has a dedicated department for providing advice on mobility, especially for disabled people: the „Disabled Agency“. One of the strong points of local accessibility work is the cooperation between representatives of several PRM associations, sustainable transport organisations and the city administration.

The „Disabled Agency“ helps to improve accessibility in the city and actively cooperates with the departments involved in accessibility work.

A free telephone helpdesk has been established in order to give citizens (including PRM) the opportunity to report the presence of physical barriers and to help local administrators remove them.


ISEMOA implementation

The city of Parma implemented the ISEMOA QM scheme to find out where the weak points are and to monitor the progress of accessibility work. The Disabled Agency committed to involve as many stakeholders as possible in the ISEMOA QM scheme process, keep record of the people responsible for the different tasks and to assess the current state of accessibility in the city.

The ISEMOA team was composed of 11 people; representatives of the mobility department, local mobility service providers and representatives of PRM organisations. The ISEMOA team discussed the results of the self-assessment questionnaire and the diverging evaluation among the team members. The result is an action plan with concrete measures to improve accessibility in the city of Parma.



Quotes of local stakeholders

"It is very surprising to see as many accessibility meanings are possible and we must pay attention and consider all of them together, when approaching our accessibility work" (Mobility planner, private consultant)

"Mobility planning involves many people with many different and sometimes complex barriers, excluding their representatives from the planning process result in a poor quality mobility plan" (PRM person in wheelchair)

"PRMs can travel from one city to another, so the facility policy (i.e. for parking areas) must be equal in all cities and therefore at national level, otherwise moving becomes so tricky that it is unlikely and impossible" (Representative of the local Blind People Association)

“I was notably interested to hear the various point of view of all the different stakeholders” (Employee of the Disability Agency)

“Thanks to ISEMOA I had the opportunity to explain, to the representatives of my city administration, the problems we face as PRMs” (PRM representative)